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Technical Support, Customer Contact and Marketing Strategy Work Together to Win the Customer

Build your brand when the customer is actively engaged. Let the experts at ContactWorks create your customized solution, track it for offer effectiveness, and measure it for customer satisfaction. We know we will exceed your expectations.>

ContactWorks focuses on your customers, prospects and employees to build stellar relationships within the contact center and call center with the cross-sell and upsell techniques that will help your business exceed its objectives. Our customer contact expertise specializes in high touch, high value, effective message delivery that surpasses industry standards and builds branded identity one-on-one with our clients’ customers.

Engagements include technical support (level 1, level 2 and help desk), trade show lead qualification, customer order entry and fulfillment, sales and service support and team member training, marketing planning and promotion support, channel development and channel management, turnkey sales and marketing management.

At ContactWorks we engage clients across a wide range of disciplines. Here are examples of how our many services come together to support our clients’ many customer contact needs.

Working with our partners we are able to scale from exceptionally customized engagements to support the full range of customer communications services including customer contact (onshore and offshore), marketing and promotions, field sales and management, customer contact consulting, IVR, virtual PBX, VoIP phone service, WiFi network management, portal design and hardware

Technical Support and Customer Service

ContactWorks is dedicated to helping your organization improve your customer service metrics for inbound sales, billing inquiries, help desk, technical support (level 1 and level 2), RMA management and product repair. Our dedicated team is ready to take your customer-facing programs to the next level in customer satisfaction.

Ask us about a FREE Service Assessment. This proprietary review process is designed to quickly and effectively assess existing team / vendor skills and make recommendations to improve

  • Agent-to-customer affinity (attitude, language, culture, etc.)
  • Recruitment and product training
  • Knowledge base capture
  • Performance management
  • Team leadership (capability and compatibility)

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Trade Show and Direct Mail Follow-up

Companies spends literally billions of dollars every year on trade show attendance (people, booth space and design, messaging and give-away items) and direct mail campaigns so it is hard to believe how poorly these sales organizations follow-up? that is until you really think about it.

Every CMO will tell you the struggles they confront qualifying the leads they receive from trade shows, magazines, seminars and symposiums. Sales people just don’t see the value when fewer than 10% to 20% of the leads they receive turn into commission generating customers.

At ContactWorks we stand accountable for every trade show and media lead we qualify. .

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Experienced Marketing Support

  • Results-oriented marketing on the contact center platform with attention to detail that delivers integrated programs that work
  • Proven methodology stresses the right mix to meet your business objectives and deliver your brand’s message

    Integrated marketing plansMessage development

    Promotions / co-marketing

    List management

    Reporting and analytics

    Sales / key account management

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Best Practices

ContactWorks management team continually identifies Best Practices in our tools and methodologies to achieve maximum performance from our people, processes, plans and practices and stand the test of time:

  • People (implementation, recruiting & retention, training, quality)
  • Process (transition management, total quality management (TQM), communications, performance measurement)
  • Planning (strategic branding & positioning, promotional marketing & advertising, Internet marketing)
  • Management (product / service introductions, sales & channel management, key account management, database mining & reporting)

Pricing Alternatives

Customized to meet your needs

  • Agent payroll hour
  • Call or call minute
  • Transaction
  • Fixed overhead plus variable labor
  • Custom (negotiable)

Performance incentives preferred