About Us

Building Better Relationships One Call at a Time

Long ago we realized that many businesses struggle with complexities inherent to contact center operations. Heck it’s rarely your core business competency. So ContactWorks specializes in helping clients attain effective message efficiency for each audience they target whether talking to a prospect, a direct customer, a salesperson or an employee.

ContactWorks has one of the most experienced and professional management teams in the industry. We have significant expertise designing the operational processes and selecting the technology to support your specific contact center needs. We manage all aspects of the customer interaction, from building and operating customer contact centers that provide low cost and labor efficiencies, to consulting on new projects and/or managing an existing center and running it at peak productivity. We are a powerful business resource.

“Your most unhappy customers are your greatest source of learning.” – BG, Microsoft

And when we act as consultants we strive to sharpen our clients’ operations by optimizing their mix of people, strategy, process, and technology. In fact, ContactWorks consistently provides the right tools and methodologies to achieve maximum performance from every contact center.

ContactWorks supports the back office (customer contact, CRM, SFA, sales, marketing and promotion, order and fulfillment, repair and tracking) for new, emerging and expanding businesses that

  • Want to develop best practices for customer support
  • Have outgrown in-house capabilities
  • Expanded beyond their core capability
  • Need customized solutions
  • Want high quality/high touch contact services
  • Need scalable domestic and off-shore capability

“If you can do all that… this could be a short call.” -TL, Fullhouse

Every day ContactWorks-trained agents help US-based businesses build their customer relationships designing and managing both voiced and non-voiced customer interactions with service that equals or surpasses industry standards and builds brand identification at the customer level (one-to-one with our agent).


ContactWorks’ Vision is to Make Your Customers Happy

Our vision is to become a key service provider to our clients as we enable them to grow their business without building infrastructure in non-core activities. We collaborate with our clients to plan and develop customized solutions that enhance their relationships with their customers and in their channels.

We seek to become the “Benchmark” partners of choice in the development and management of strategic, customized, high quality and “collaborative” client relationships, and an employer of choice among our employees, their families and their communities.

ContactWorks Mission

We succeed when you succeed. To achieve our mission we maintain laser focus on our clients’ so that our growth is driven by the growth we generate for them.

Our alliances and partnerships – with other customer-centric companies – are aimed at adding strategic services that delivery capacity and specialized capabilities implemented to help us exceed our clients’ objectives and strategies.

We strive to learn from our mistakes in a process of continuous improvement that establishes ContactWorks as an example of a successful learning organization for our employees, clients and their customers.

ContactWorks Philosophy

To our clients we say? Your goals are our goals so we will add value to your business in order to be considered successful. We maintain the highest business ethics and are mandated to do the right thing for all concerned.

To our clients’ customers we say? Our service will exceed your expectations and strengthen your relationship with our client.

To Our Associates we say?You are the solid foundation upon which ContactWorks is built. Your professionalism, creativity, ethics and commitment make ContactWorks. We will provide safe and fun learning environment from which you can develop your skills, manage your career and reap your reward for excellent performance.

ContactWorks Business Approach Means “No Surprises”

We seek long term relationships that allow us to track and evolve the customized contact programs we develop to meet clients’ often unique customer
contact requirements.

We focus on servicing the needs of our clients’ customer, and that drives our process and guides our operations. Therefore, every solution is a customized customer care solution, whether we are collecting information, providing information, resolving problems or processing an order.

We strive to become the customer service organization for the select group of clients with whom we partner. Therefore our plan is to deliver an experienced and hands-on approach to account management.

Much of the work we do regarding our clients’ relationship management strategy and systems demands a collaborative approach so a ContactWorks team member is often “seated” on the internal operations team.

We deliver acknowledged best practices to our clients in the performance of our service to their customers

  • Implementation
  • Recruiting
  • Training
  • Retention
  • Total quality management (TQM)
  • Performance measurement.

Always? ContactWorks is dedicated to strengthening our client’s relationships with their customers through the effective and efficient use of customer care call centers that enhance customer satisfaction and communications on a one-to-one basis with every contact opportunity.

Supporting several business categories and their most important brands?

Entertainment: Universal Studios® Theme Parks, Wet ‘n Wild® Water Parks, Twentieth Century Fox® Home Video, Paramount Pictures® Home Entertainment

Consumer Products: La Quinta Inns, Arizona Public Service, Thomson (RCA), RYOBI® Power Tools, Poulan® Chain Saws, Weed Eater® Outdoor Products, Frigidaire® Home Products, GM® Parts & Services, Harley-Davidson® Motorcycles, Honeywell Anso Nylon®, Pharmacia, Midwest Express Airlines, World Kitchen

Telecom: MCI / Worldcom, AT&T, Sprint PCS, GTE Wireless, Southwestern Bell Telecom, Bell South, Ericsson Mobile Phones, NOKIA® Mobile Phones, Motorola® Radios and Pagers

Technology: IBM, Cisco Systems, Adobe Software, AMD, Xerox Corporation, Docutel-Olivetti, RunTime Technologies, PNYQuickChip, PBXcentral

B2B: American Standard, WILSONART® International, Bell Helicopter, McGraw-Hill

Associations: AARP (American Association of Retired Persons), NKBA (National Kitchen & Bath Association), AWI (American Woodworkers Institute)

Financial: American Expressessay writing